Corporate Services for the Distinguished Guests

conferenceBesides the amazing wedding and event hosting services that are provided at the Weddings Lodge, people can also enjoy spectacular conference and corporate meeting services, which are meant to offer customers a quiet place to conduct their meetings.

As specified in other pages of the website, all the events are customizable in terms of their theme and the different particularities of the dispatched staff and effects used. This is also valid for conferences and corporate meetings which are held at the lodge. Because of the goodwill of the castle owners, several of the old chambers were successfully converted into small amphitheaters, which now serve as the places where conferences and meetings are held.

All the standard fittings and equipments one might expect to find in a conference room are provided for, together with some extra features such as on-demand food and beverage service or full technical assistance throughout the entire event. The lodge’s well-trained staff is there to ensure that all events are conducted smoothly and that all technical difficulties which might be encountered are resolved in a timely and fashionable manner.

For those who are looking at team building, the Weddings Lodge also provides these services. Regardless if it’s a large or a small group, there are numerous activities that can be accessed at the lodge in terms of team building possibilities.

Starting with the activities that are carried out in the conference halls, such as gatherings, brainstorming sessions and tests, and ending with the outdoor activities that include competitions and all kinds of demanding tasks, the lodge offers it all.

The success of a great team building effort rests in the satisfaction of those attending the events and this aspect has been well covered by the officials and staff at the Weddings Lodge, who are there to make sure that all the activities that are scheduled in a team building are offered in a professional manner.

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