Crosby Lodge: idyllic past for the current tourist

crosby-lodge-idyllic-past-for-the-current-touristWhen historic places are adapted to our current needs living standards, it is often a rule that a balance between old-style romanticism and today’s comforts should be kept in mind. This is the case of Crosby Lodge, an exotic lodge near the Hadrian Wall in Carlisle, Great Britain.

Imbued with the charm of past eras, the British lodge not only has a remarkable architecture from the 19th Century, but also magnificent gardens from the same time bequeathed by its past owners and kept alive by its current care takers. Visitors can feel the enchantment of this nostalgic atmosphere as soon as they enter this magical place.

The facilities have been accommodated to offer a variety of services, most notably and popularly the wedding ceremonies and receptions. It is not strange to find couples wishing to fulfill their lifelong dream of marrying in a castle or mansion; Crosby Lodge is pointed out to be one of those ideal places for this kind of ceremony.

Crosby Lodge has also been reputed to be one of the most eligible venues for local events, especially folk festivals which bring a large number of artisans and curious visitors to the area. Gardening events also take place in the grounds of this idyllic lodge, gathering experts from different parts of the country. The traditions of these typical events are thus combined with a suitable antique venue.

The restaurant is notable both for its colorful inner designs and the quality of its customer service and products. The visitor might be eager to try some of the exquisite local cuisine or chill out with friends and a bottle of specially-selected wine in the coziness of the Crosby Lodge restaurant.

Such amazing nature and the closeness to the legendary Hadrian Wall make this place a desirable destination, as well as its accessibility to a number of other outdoor activities in the area.

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