Prepare Your Wedding or Events at the Weddings Lodge

prepare-your-wedding-or-events-at-the-weddings-lodgeThis page will help all those who wish to attend the Weddings Lodge in better understand some of the provided services and what to expect when it comes to the location itself.

Since the lodge is located within an old castle grounds, it wasn’t too difficult to convert them to the beautiful venue that Weddings Lodge is today. Taking full advantage of the elements and features which were provided by the original setting, the lodge’s owners have made a marvelous job of transforming the area into a location that can accommodate all sorts of events and activities.

Those who wish to organise their wedding on the grounds of the Weddings Lodge have made the right decision in choosing this place as their dream location for their holy union. Not only does the lodge provide a mysterious, charming and romantic atmosphere, but the owners have personally chosen all the staff members for their capacity to blend in their surrounding environment, for an enhanced, intriguing experience.

Each of the held events can be set up with a theme that can be adjusted at the customers’ requirements. Medieval themes are some of the most requested ones, which imply that all the staff and the props for the weddings or other events are outfitted with features and elements from the preferred historical era, in order to immerse customers into an optimal experience, where every detail is historically accurate.

The good news doesn’t end here: the owners of the Weddings Lodge have also provided a dedicated chariot and horseback riding service for all those who feel like taking a stroll through the beautiful natural scenery surrounding the castle grounds. All that customers need to do is request the addition of these services to the classic accommodation reservations that are made with the Weddings Lodge.

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