Top 9 Sights in Crosby Lodge

Carlisle Cathedral

carlisle-cathedralThe astonishing cathedral, which was founded in the 12th century in an impressive and an interesting historic city, whose treasury displays various treasures and silver that illustrates Christianity and its story throughout many centuries in Cumbria.

Lanercost Priory

Lanercost Priory is located in Brampton and was constructed out of Hadrian’s Wall stone by the Sheriff of Cumberland, Robert de Vaux in 1166.

St. Michael’s in Lowther

A spectacular church with a beautiful churchyard that is located in the Lowther Park near the ruins of the Lowther Castle and the Lowther River.


Brantwood is a lovely ex-home of a famous poet and artist John Ruskin, which is located in the

Green Lake District across the fascinating scenery of Coniston Water.

Carlisle Castle

With its long history of more than 900 years, Carlisle Castle is definitely one impressive old fortress, which is ideal for the true explorers and history enthusiasts.

Dove Cottage

A home to a renowned poet and fascinating man from the winter of 1799 to the spring of 1808, William Wordsworth, that is located in the Lake District and is for sure one of the top literature sights for every poetic soul.


Some parts of this old country house are from the 14th century, where you will be amazed by the lovely gardens, stunning architecture and various events and art shows.

Mire House and Gardens

With its literary sessions, live classical music and many extraordinary activities available for kids, Mira House is a historic family house opened to all curious visitors.

Hadrian’s Wall

Stretched from the western Solway to the eastern Tyneside, one can find an astounding heritage site, Hadrian’s Wall, which was built to banish Scottish Pictish tribes from the Roman Empire’s most northern border. The Wall still remains one of the most prominent and spectacular sights in this region.

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